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Personal Injury

About Personal Injuries

Lander & Co has been assisting and representing clients successfully for over 30 years with most types of personal injury claims-workplace injury, accident injury, public liability in jury, occupier’s liability, and product and professional negligence/breach of statutory duty.

We take a wholistic, whole person, multi-factorial approach to ensure your overall best interests and pocket are valued and assessed. Our services are personal, professional and cost-effective.

The law does not undo the past and rarely corrects the behaviour of others- nearly all remedies are monetary and time limits apply.

Initial Consultation

We seek to establish rapport, understand you and your needs and quickly seek to evaluate the prospects of a remedy and the evidence required. Legal fees are discussed and documents needed outlined. Any time limits are explained.  We follow up with written confirmation and you are kept in the loop at all material times. The steps to resolution are outlined.

Steps to a Favourable Outcome

We value honesty, responsiveness, assistance and clarity in our conduct and expect these of you.

We are a team and success relies on teamwork, staying on the front foot, giving and expecting priority and frank exchanges.

Claims are lodged on or with the relevant person or institution and evidence progressively gathered-statements, medical histories, clinical documents, witness statements, expert reports as necessary and counsel’s opinion if required-with your consent.

Negotiations are entered into once prognoses are clear and all statute required material is available and served Your involvement and instructions are sought and explanation or clarification requested is provided

If legal proceedings are unavoidable, we outline what to expect, provide the fullest possible cost disclosure and the benefits and risks.

In short, we take as much of the stress and distress as we can from you, leaving you the energy needed to focus on recovering your health and your self- esteem and preserving your relationships.

Steps in a Personal Injury claim


Assess, assemble and serve the claim in the prescribed format.


Insurer seeks further particulars to which we respond-considerable evidence gathering is required.


Insurer assesses and determines liability. If denied, legal proceedings are necessary-counsel is retained and consulted.


If liability is accepted, damages assessment process proceeds and settlement negotiated once prognosis possible-time limitations apply.


If a contested hearing is necessary, (fairly infrequent), Counsel retained and matter carefully prepared-both liability and quantum may be determined by court or tribunal.