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Understanding Reasonable Administrative Action (RAA) in Workplace Psychological Claims

Recognizing the Impact of Reasonable Administrative Action

If you sustain a mood disorder/psychological injury at work or arising from your employment, any significant contribution from reasonable administrative action taken in respect of your employment, (such as performance management, counselling, code of conduct investigations, findings, sanctions or penalties, denial of leave or promotion etc-if undertaken in a reasonable manner, and if found to displace any other significant contributor or cause of mental/emotional injury) will potentially deny your claim, or at the very least, involve you in a legal battle that is protracted, distressing and costly.

Taking Action in Times of Workplace Stress

However, the golden rule if you face interpersonal conflict, distressing supervision or collegiate mistreatment, or general prolonged workplace overload or stress is to promptly seek medical and legal advice and support. Do not assume it will self- resolve, you can tough it out or things will simply improve with time and not treatment. Above all, do not attend work if you are physically or emotionally exhausted or your mood is volatile, and you are likely to snap. Get professional arms -length advice and help.

Seeking Support from Trusted Professionals

Speak frankly and openly to your doctor, your lawyer and your family and don’t seek or act on advice from your HR people. They are conflicted and their imperative is to protect their employer and their own employment.

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